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Seaports logistics

Seaport Logistics

Seaports – hubs for goods from all over the world

Nowadays dispatcher and recipients of commodities, intermediate goods as well as industrial and consumer goods are connected via global trade flows, such as ocean routes between continents. Seaports are the final destination of (inter-)continental maritime cargo transports. Accordingly they form part of the most important logistic hubs.

The Rhenus Seaports as a partner for all industries

Rhenus runs a large network of North Sea ports with broad port capacities.

Furthermore Rhenus operates sites, terminals and offices in major ports or is represented by long-term partnerships. At our sites we offer warehousing solutions, transshipment- and storage services as well as value-added services. Based upon our excellent expertise across many industries we develop solutions together with our customers to handle goods in an expedient, quick and damage-free manner. Of course we set up interim storage facilities, arrange hinterland on-carriage in a wide network and assist you in customs clearance.

Rhenus Seaports fulfil logistical services, such as transshipment and interim storage, right at your company’s premises. For instance we supply power plants with coal, carry out pre-delivery-inspections or preserve vehicles for new automobile logistics.

Continuous quality improvement

We constantly invest in our infra- and suprastructure to improve performance and quality of our services. To that we meet or even exceed legal constraints regarding emission control, e.g. the avoidance of noise and dust pollution when handling bulk material, such as coal or construction materials.

Together with our customers we also develop innovative solutions for modern challenges, e.g. the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

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