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Seaports - Provision of personnel

Provision of personnel

As an expert for port- and logistic-related personnel services, in times of more and more complex project requirements and fluctuations in capacity and utilization, we can assure the availability of well-trained employees by temporary labour leasing even in a short term. This way you can focus on your key task and respond to changing environmental requirements in a flexible manner.

Our staff provides a huge variety of multiple qualifications focused on internal transport, load-slinging and fastening, stowing of different goods, as well as the installation of heavy cargo gear.


We have started several years ago as internal human resources pool for Rhenus Seaports. Due to our engagement in various activity areas, such as gear supply of cruise liners as well as operations upon offshore-platforms, we now have a broad expertise and the necessary know-how to guide you through your logistical challenges.

Our activities focus on the areas around Bremen, Bremerhaven, Nordenham, as well as Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven. We are also pleasured coming to you!

Our qualifications (Excerpt)

  • Dock workers, deck hands, leading hands
  • Operators for wheel loaders, excavators and other large scale machines
  • Locomotive driver / shunter
  • Crane operators

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