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Our company guidelines on occupational health and safety and environmental protection

As a modern firm within the Rhenus-Group we support on-going policy with the following objectives:

  • Occupational health and safety and the environment have top priority, they rank foremost in all decisions.
  • We work safely and take responsibility for one another. We act in an exemplary manner and always wear the required personal protective gear.
  • Together we ensure through cleanliness and tidiness a safe working area. All work-related illnesses and injuries are avoidable.
  • We monitor our standards in occupational health and safety and environmental protection and seek constantly to improve our results.
  • We maintain an open and respectful communication with each other and are willing to learn from mistakes. We consider compliance with existing standards and laws to be self-evident.

The management commits itself to review these guidelines regularly, to encourage all expedient measures and thus to support all employees in their work.

Work safety

Work safety and occupational health within the Rhenus seaports

Responsibility for employees and business partners

Responsibility for occupational safety involves taking responsibility for the health and lives of others. Within the Rhenus seaports we take this responsibility very seriously and endeavor to protect our employees and business partners effectively from dangers and risks in their working environment. In order to do this we involve our employees and emphasis them to be able to work in a safe manner.

Zero-Accident –Company

Every accident at work is one accident to many! That is why we promote work safety measures above and beyond legal requirements within our entities. The following just give some examples:

  • Comprehensive accident analysis
  • Evaluation of near-accidents and precarious situations
  • Informing employees about accident blackspots and systemtic causes of accidents in form of short meetings on a regular basis.

Quality management

Quality within the Rhenus sea ports

The employees at our seaports organize work and customer services based on the Rhenus-Group quality management guide lines consistently. Besides the certification of service quality and a holistic process-orientated integrated management system, standardized processes number among them, we also monitor and improve our processes constantly based on key performance indicators measured both on administrative and operative levels.

Further information can be found here: Rhenus-Group Quality Management

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